About SteroidS

SteroidS is an Asteroids-like arcade shooter where the only thing that matters is the high score. You’re a scientist trying to stop some “crazy thugs” using your steroids gun to defeat them, but there’s a catch: each steroids shot makes them faster (and they need more than one shot to go down), so things can get really hard as enemies become faster!

The goal in SteroidS is simple: get the highest score possible by killing all enemies inside the arena before you are overrun. Steroids make your foes faster, so you have to move fast!

NOTE: We consider SteroidS an ongoing work in progress as we constantly improve it, and your input is very important to us. Let us know what you like/dislike as well as your ideas for gameplay modes, enemies, or power-ups, by joining the conversation on Facebook (www.facebook.com/Steroids300). By buying SteroidS now you support its ongoing development, and you're also entitled to get all future updates for free.

Current version: 2.0 (read update history)


Open gameplay design that allows for frequent updates and new gameplay styles.
Addictive gameplay. Difficulty increases over time.
Six gameplay modes (more below) and six different arenas.
Three power-ups: Gain extra lives with the face-box. Use "Nuke all thugs" to clear the arena, or easily kill everything that moves with the powerful BSG.
Special enemies that don't quite fit the scenario but are worth more points.
Environment traps to keep players on their toes on higher progression levels.
A dark sense of humor, from the level and enemy designs to everything else!
Compatible with NVIDIA 3D Vision. Experience SteroidS in immersive 3D!
Simple WASD-style controls.

Gameplay modes:

Ze Great Escape: prevent enemies from escaping through the south doors. If 15 enemies escape it's game over. Power ups are activated

The Heat Of The Swarm: waves of enemies come after you so don't let them get you. You have 3 lifes, but power ups are available.

This Is Loco: prevent enemies from escaping through the south doors. If 5 enemies escape it's game over, and this time there are no power ups.

Too Sexy For Them Thugs: waves of enemies come after you, you only have one life and no power ups.

The Blue Men Show: you have 300 seconds to shoot as many blue men as possible, but avoid shooting the generic enemies. If you kill 5 generic enemies you lose the match.

Speeding Bullet: you have 300 seconds to shoot everything that moves, but every time an enemy touches you, you lose points points.

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"With SteroidS they've shown what can be done with UE3 if you step outside of the proverbial box"
-The Game Fanatics ( 3.5 / 5 )

"Any twin stick, top down shooter or shmup fan should feel right at home here"


SteroidS: the demo version

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Roberto Quiñonez: video game producer
Sergio Rosa: video game designer / programmer
Jose Bidegain: content designer / 3d modeling
Music from SampleSwap.org