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Domaginarium is a small (meaning "tiny") game developer. We love making games, but we also love experimenting with different subjects, gameplay mechanics and themes, to make games that offer something different and interesting.


In 2014 we released Enola, a story-driven horror game about a girl looking for her lover, and we're currently working on The Nightmare from Beyond, a 3d horror platformer inspired by the works of H. P. Lovecraft.











The Nightmare from Beyond is a cosmic-horror third person platformer inspired by the works of H. P. Lovecraft. You take on the role of Sanja, a young woman from the D'nyg race, as she explores a mysterious land in search for her sister, Dajana. Click here to know more about The Nightmare.

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Enola is a psychological adventure game that delves into the inherent darkness of love, death and revenge. As Enola, you must survive a macabre world conjured up by the tortured memories of her lover, Angelica. Buy Enola on Steam.

Enola press kit.


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